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Reward FAQ

Here are all your questions regarding our Rewards program.

  • Point Expiry
  • How many points will you receive
  • What will the points do for me
  • How do i get points
  • Other terms and conditions
  • How do i know how many points i have

    Points Expiry.
    Points earnt will last 120 days, Once they expire they are not returnable/refundable/Useable anymore. Please make sure you have ticked in your account to receive notification 7 days before your points expire
    How many points will you receive
    If you spend $100 you will earn 5 Points. Or say you spend $50 you will Receive 2 points
    What will the points do for me.
    Once you receive points, you will be able to put them towards your next purchase as store credit at It will come off your next order if you wish.
    How do i get points.
    You can get points from -
      • Each New Order (placed after 24-4-2014) over $20 = 1 point / $100 = 5 Points, (Works in $20 lots so if you spend $58 you will get 2 points) SHIPPING IS EXCLUDED FROM POINTS
      • Reviewing an item you have previously purchased, = 2, We will assess each review before its posted.
      • Recommending a Friend,  = 3 points , max 6 points per day, To do this please log in to your account, Then please click Recomend a Friend  or under your Account tab on the Left hand side you will see " Invitation".
      • When your friend places their first order= 2 points
      • Registering as a new user (After 24-4-2014) and prior to placing an order. =3 Points
      • Tagging a product to facebook =1 Points, Max points per day = 2
      • Liking a product to facebook =1 Points, Max points per day = 2 other time limits apply
      • Writing a review to a product that you have published previously from us, =3 Points, Max points per day = 9 ,

    Other Terms and Conditions
    By accepting points you are accepting our "Reward" terms and conditions, have the right to change these condition or points received at anytime, If we feel you are misleading/ abusing our point program we have the right to take points off you, Points are non transferable, these may be adjusted at anytime without Notice. You will receive an email (if ticked in your account) from us 7 days prior to your points expiring and it is up to you to use them before they expire, Balance is limited AT 25 Reward points in your account at any one time.

    How do I know how many points I have
    Once you Log in , Then under your account section on the left hand side, you should see "Reward point" In there you will find a full list of how you received the points/ expiry date and so on
    If you have any further questions please do email us.